Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Summer is nearly over

Six weeks since the last post and we have been dealing with A Level results, confirmation, clearing, pre-enrolment and the British Science Festival which ran from Sept 10-15th in Bradford. We have helped to relocate an academic school from a separate campus (School of Health Unity campus) de-commissioned a large student Hall (Laisteridge) and done a couple of software upgrades which is a slight understatement for Blackboard 9 and Blackboard Mobile, Windows 7, Office 10 for students and migrating thousands of student email accounts to Outlook Live services. On the personals front there has also been a few weeks annual leave, a place at Nottingham Trent for Jacob and Megan in Kenya volunteering so it has all felt very hectic. There was a lot of planning for the BSF over a year and a real co-ordinated and team effort from lots of different people both on and off campus. It appears to have gone very well and the enabling part that IT Services has played in terms of network, wireless, internet cafe, back-office for the association and the dozens of other things that came along both expected and unexpected. This weekend we are now welcoming the new students into The Green. The new academic session has truly begun.