Monday, 28 November 2011

Starting All Over Again

There's been a lack of activity here for several months and I'm going to give it another go in the run up to Christmas.  It's for my own benefit as a way to remember things that might be useful in either personal or work life etc and so today's topic is a small article spotted in the student newspaper (edition 3 November) which is highlighting a Gallery II event relating to Memory Theatre which has been running since 18th November.  It will be a collection of Bradford doors, parts of doors, whole doors, loved and unloved but characterful and photographed here in Bradford.  Why is this interesting to me?  over the Summer we discussed ideas for a newly decorated space in the Library building (a long wide corridor) and a colleague in our IT and Media School came up with lots of great ideas including this one - as the corridor is already full of doors.  It was such a good idea and a bit of fun - so we'll see if we can get the display curated to this space after the Gallery event.